The Whereby integration automates your clients' booking by generating a unique video meeting link for every meeting.

When a new meeting is scheduled with Harmonizely, a Whereby video meeting link is automatically created and added to the meeting details, calendar and email notifications.

Note: Whereby integration is a PRO plan feature.

Getting started with Whereby integration

  1. Go to Whereby website and reach out to sales team. This is only available to Whereby Embedded customers.
  2. Go to Integrations in Harmonizely.
  3. Click the Connect button in Whereby integration section.

4. Enter Whereby's API Key in the API key field.

5. Click Connect button.
6. In your Meeting Types, choose the Create a Whereby meeting link option from the Location dropdown.

7. Click Save button.
8. Now, when someone schedules a new meeting with you, the Whereby video meeting link will be automatically generated.

When Whereby integration is enabled and Create a Whereby meeting link option from the Location dropdown in the Meeting Type is selected the Web conferencing details provided upon confirmation text will be visible in the Location details on the scheduling page.

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