My calendar is free but days are unavailable on my scheduling page

Make sure you don't have all-day/multi-day events in your calendar with the status set to "show as busy".

By default, all-day events are created with the status "show as free" in all online calendars. These events will be ignored by Harmonizely, and the days on which those events were created will become available on your scheduling page.

It could be that, for example, you have the reminder about an upcoming payment or an anniversary that you added to your calendar for the whole day or days with the status "show as busy" - these events will block your whole days on your scheduling page in Harmonizely. 

If you want to book meetings while still keeping your all-day/multi-day events, make sure to mark those events as "show as free" in your online calendar.

For example, in Google Calendar, you can easily change this by editing the all-day/multi-day event and setting the status to "free".

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