How to Invite More Participants to Already Scheduled Meetings

There is sometimes a need to invite more people to already scheduled meetings and send them a quick message so they can take part in the meeting.

Note: This is a PRO plan feature.

Now you can invite more participants to already scheduled meetings.

1. Go to My Meetings view.

2. Click on the more options icon (three dots icon) on the selected meeting.

3. Click Invite more.

4. A modal will pop up where you can type email addresses separated by a comma with a custom message.

5. Click Invite button

Email invitations, according to the associated Meeting Type will be sent to every participant.

In the My Meetings list, there will be info on each meeting that there are more participants added.

Clicking the "1 more participant" link will open right side pane with a list of all participants and the timestamps at which they were invited to the meeting.

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